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US 19 Pedestrian & Bicycle Safe Access to Transit Corridor Study

US 19 Corridor Study

      The US 19 Pedestrian & Bicycle Safe Access to Transit Corridor Study is a partnership between the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the Pinellas County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to explore opportunities to improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users along portions of US 19 in Pinellas County. This study will bring together information and community stakeholders to find ways to improve multimodal and intermodal connections along the corridor.



Project Limits and Description

      The project limits for the US 19 Pedestrian & Bicycle Safe Access to Transit Study include the portion of US 19 within Pinellas County between the Transit Center located at the Shoppes of Park Place in Pinellas Park, and the Pinellas/Pasco County line.

      US Highway 19 (US 19) is a regional highway and is the most heavily traveled arterial roadway in Pinellas County; US 19 also carries PSTA Route 19, which is the busiest bus route in the PSTA network. US 19’s main function, in its existing and planned configurations, is to maximize motorvehicle volume and reduce congestion. The study will identify opportunities to efficiently move vehicles while also creating a safe and comfortable environment for people who walk, bike, and ride transit.

      As part of a larger state‐, district‐, and county‐wide effort to improve the safety of transit access, the FDOT, Pinellas County MPO, and additional stakeholders (e.g., PSTA) have partnered to examine how the current and future US 19 corridor can be configured to provide safe pedestrian, bicycle, and transit access within the existing and planned US 19 corridor.

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