Knowledge of the laws and rules of the Florida roadways is key to keeping our roads safe by ultimately reducing the number of crashes. Here you may find information and resources about Florida’s laws and rules.

     As a licensed driver in Florida, there are many laws and rules to follow. You can find the official Florida Driver’s Handbook here.

Click here to view the Florida Statuses for Motor Vehicles.

Flashing Yellow Light. Used at, or just before, dangerous intersections. Also used to alert you to a warning sign such as a school crossing or sharp curve. Proceed with caution.


Right Turn on Red. Right turns on red are allowed unless a sign specifies otherwise, but must be treated as a stop sign; must make a full stop before.



“Jaywalking”. Between adjacent intersections at which traffic control signals are in operation, pedestrians shall not cross at any place except in a marked crosswalk.



Bicycle on a Roadway. Any person operating a bicycle at a speed that is less than normal traffic speed is required to use the lane marked for bicycle OR to travel on the right-hand curb except when:

  1. overtaking and passing another bicycle or vehicle.
  2. preparing for a left turn.
  3. attempting to avoid any condition or potential conflict



Green Bike Lane. The purpose of this lane is to highlight the conflict area of the bike lane, which is the point at which driver’s and cyclists are likely to cross paths. For more information on the green bike lane, click here.

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green bike lane