Community Traffic Safety Teams (CTST)

What is CTST?

    The Community Traffic Safety (CTST) Program is a multi-disciplined Federal, State and Local Government endorsed program developed to reduce the number of traffic crashes that occur on Florida roadways. The program was created in response to federal legislation (the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1990), which calls for local participation, and solutions to traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities on local roadways. The program is managed by the Florida Department of Transportation and supported by a wide range of community partners.

      Armed with carefully developed missions, goals and objectives, the Teams undertake traffic safety-related projects and activities and serve as a resource to any and all communities, local government agencies and roadway users to assist in the reduction of traffic crashes and the related injuries and fatalities on our roadways.

How can I participate?

CTST Meetings are held monthly and are open to the public. Sign up to receive meeting reminders, agendas, minutes and general updates.

If you are interested in joining a CTST, please contact:

Rhonda Grice
Community Traffic Safety Team Program Manager
FDOT District Seven Headquarters
11201 N. McKinley Drive, MS 7-1300
Tampa, Florida 33612
Phone: (813) 975-4216
Email: Rhonda.Grice@dot.state.fl.us

There are four CSTS Teams in Tampa Bay:

Click on team images below to see their pages.







Hernando & Citrus